Text Box: Welcome to Team Viper Robotics

Team Viper started back in 2000 when my friend Michael Garrod and I built a robot to be on TLCs Robotica. Unfortunately this series only lasted for three episodes and was canceled, so it was off to England to tape a program called Robot Wars Extreme Warriors. That was also the last episode of that shows.  Well so much for building fighting robots, it was fun while it lasted.  So it was time to get back to building real robots with more intelligence.  That led me to a local robotics club in San Jose CA called HomeBrew Robotics where I have been a member ever since. There are about  60 members that meet once a month who enjoy building all different types of autonomous robots. I also enjoy competing once a year at RoboGames in San Francisco and at Robothon in Seattle WA. I have enjoyed building many robots over the years which I will try to described in the Team Viper web site.

In the workshop with my friend Tony and some of the robots that we have built.